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Employer of the Year

This award honours a business that has made a commitment to foster employee engagement, promotes work life balance, embraces diversity, and generally offers an exceptional workplace for their employees.

Employer of the Year

Eligibility Requirements
1. Nominee has had an active business in the Greater Kingston area for a minimum of 3 years.
2. If nominated by a third party, Nominee must approve and accept the nomination.
3. Nominee must not have won in the same category in the past three years.

Submission (500 Word Minimum)

Workplace Culture/Environment (50%)
How has the Nominee shown a commitment to a healthy work environment and a focus on an inclusive, diverse workplace culture? (Describe practices that benefit employees physically, intellectually and/or emotionally).

Employee Relations/Retention (30%)
How has the Nominee provided job opportunities and demonstrated positive employee relations? (Describe employee growth, development, competitive employment packages, and summarize the results.)

Employee Recognition/Development (20%)
What types of employee recognition and reward programs has the Nominee implemented? How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to providing professional development and/or advancement opportunities?

Award applicants are not required to be a member of the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce.

Entry Deadline

To be eligible, your submission must be received by the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce office no later than June 29th, 2022. If unable to submit your application electronically, please submit a printed copy of this form and all other documents to the following:

Business Excellence Awards
c/o Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce
204-299 Concession Street, Kingston, ON, K7K 2B9

To begin your application process, please provide concise details for each requirement as it relates to your organization in the space provided. All fields are required.

If you have extra material (Marketing plans/images) that does not fit into the space provided within the form, and you would like the judges to consider, please email it to:

Kylie Sochasky
Member Communications Coordinator

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