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26th Annual Awards Ceremony

The Business Excellence Awards are dedicated to recognizing exemplary models of excellence and community service by Greater Kingston's businesses, and the invaluable contribution they make to Kingston's economic development, unique character and outstanding quality of life.

Being recognized by one's peers, either by nomination or award recipient, is a thank you for the hard work and risk nominees have incurred. As ambassadors for business in Kingston, nominees and award recipients provide guidance and inspiration to new and seasoned businesses as well as young, aspiring entrepreneurs. They help foster the spirit of adventure and enterprise, risk and reward for all.

The excitement builds as each step of the awards process leads towards the glittering awards ceremony where the winners are revealed. The atmosphere is electric and we’re told, time and time again, that nothing compares to the Business Excellence Awards!

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Take a look at our 2021 Award Recipients

Top reasons to apply for the awards

Of course, it’s quite natural to wonder why you should take the time to apply for an award. However, trust us when we say, we’ll make it worth your while.

A chance to stand out and shine

Receiving an award is often seen as a pivotal facet of a business's marketing strategy, as it offers award winners a higher chance of competing in the marketplace by attracting more clients and employees. Whether they take home an award or are nominated, it can mean a great deal for a business owner who is working hard to get their business name out there. You can nominate a local business, or self-nominate as a business owner or employee.


The Business Excellence Awards is the perfect stage for you to stand out and shine with your accomplishments in the business world. It is a place where all your hard work, passion, dedication, and determination are recognized before everyone in the world. Furthermore, it is the perfect opportunity to materialize your outreach campaigns by attracting more clients, employees, and partners. 


Get to know our 2022 sponsors

The Business Excellence Awards could not have prospered without the generous support of our annual partners. We are very grateful to our partners and would like to extend our gratitude for their support, motivation, and belief. 

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Interested in becoming a sponsor?

In addition to it being a high profile event to be apart of, it allowed us to network and develop lasting partnerships that have benefited our business.

Chris Clarke, General Manager
K. Mulrooney Trucking

Sponsoring the Tourism & Hospitality Excellence Award was a great way for Coke Canada to connect with the local community and build sustaining relationships in the industry.

Kate Luczynski, General Manager
Coca Cola Canada Bottling Limited